The Make Manifesto Design Making: how to go from concept to market, easily










The Make manifesto

Design Making: how to go from concept to market, easily

Christophe Chaptal de Chanteloup


A new ecosystem of design and production is taking hold. The areas of focus are strategic collaboration, communal capitalism and fusion of design-production-distribution processes. How to raise those new ressources? What is the relevant business model? Trough a rigorous methodology including cases studies, Christophe Chaptal de Chanteloup offers his analysis of that new way of imagining products and services. He proposes a new business model which allows to go from concept to market, easily. The Make manifesto is an instruction manual intented in particular for designers, startup founders, creators of new services and SMEs.


The author:

Christophe is President of strategy and organizational consultancy CC&A. and Publishing Director of Design fax. He founded the industrial design firm Design Service and served as Managing Partner of organizational consultancy Arion. Christophe has held positions as Vice President, Marketing Strategy at Groupe SEB and Vice President, Marketing, Design & Communications at Peugeot Scooters. He also spearheaded efforts to perform internal audits and implement lean management methods at Automobiles Peugeot. He has written several books on strategy, design making and marketing. He also gives guest lectures at French universities including Sciences Po, HEC, Centrale and IFP School.



Spring 2016

Paperback, 112 p., 12 euros


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