Homo mobilis A civilization of movement

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Homo mobilis

A civilization of movement

Georges Amar


Urban mobility has developed worldwide. Road infrastructures as well as public transport are  facing an increasing  saturation. This generates a pressing need for innovations and for a deep change in habits, tools, actors, values  and even in the meanings of mobility.

The present solutions eventhough upgraded, will not suffice to address the challenges of our new “mobile life” in a digital and sustainable context. Beside and through technology, new equilibriums, and also creative hybridizations of the traditional “modes” will enrich the service. For instance between public transportation and personal vehicles, or between bus and train, or bus and walking! And many other hybridizations will come, especially between digital and physical dimensions.

“Homo Mobilis” conveys keys  to design future solutions.

Georges Amar has travelled the world in search of new ideas, innovations and ways of thinking that could pave a way to a sustainable mobile life.

Mobility is no longer a mere question of distance or speed, but of links, opportunities, synergies for a “homo mobilis” interconnected and open to the world.


« All the new ideas which reinvent our mobile life »


The author:

Georges Amar managed the research and innovation activities of a big company of transport. Prospectiviste renowned, researcher (Higher National School of Mines Paris Tech, Chair of Theory and methods of the innovative design), writer and artist, he reveals here new perspectives on the mobility.



Spring 2016

Paperback, 224 p., 19,5 euros


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