Digital Privacy Revisited

Digital Privacy Revisited, available on iPad and iPhone

Never before in our networked societies has the subject of personal privacy protection been so hotly debated. And never have so many methods been employed to capture and use personal data. Never have there been so many that have published so much about themselves online…
Paradox? Lack of awareness? Hypocrisy? Or emergence of a new way to defend and exercise freedom, which we protect only in order to better project ourselves towards others, to the world?
This book offers new keys to understanding the relationship between computer science, freedom, privacy and identity. It proposes to replace a defensive approach to identity and privacy with a strategic approach. The aim is to share powerful technology, and equip individuals to the same degree as the services and organizations that want to learn more about them.
The book explores new avenues, new tools, sometimes new rights, to grant privacy its true value: the ability to choose and control one’s public life.

The collection entitled The Possibility Factory looks at high-stakes societal issues. A tool to stimulates imaginations and perspectives, and one that attempts to anticipate the deep transformations that technological developments will engender in the coming years.

Digital Privacy Revisited. To protect and to Project