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The game Director of “Assassin’s Creed Unity” gives us his work methods and advices!





The methods and professional tools for everyone

Marc Albinet

Practical source book, The conception of a video game, provides a comprehensive methodology for developing video games in a clear and easily accessible style. It offers a synthesis of all knowledge on the subject, dissects the rules and mechanism for creating attractive and original game play. It offers an effective and proven method which answers all essential questions asked by game concept creators. Marc Albinet, a video game professional known worldwide discusses all creative aspects: writing, scripts, structuring feelings and pleasure, staging, the twelve game play principles, interactivity, production, etc., for the reader to make of in all kinds of projects. Each explanation is illustrated by clear drawings and examples. This new edition gives all essential information on the art and creative process of video game at all levels to passionate people, experts in video games, serious gaming and the new media, students, developers, writers, etc.

The author:

An expert game designer, some of Marc Albinet’s video games has achieved cult status. Having been a video game pioneer for 8 then 16 bit computers, he has created casual and hardcore games for both independents and large production houses. He worked in the AAA game industry for such major companies as Disney and Ubisoft. Since then, he has been directing innovative development teams. He is particularly well known as the director of Assassin’s Creed Unity.

Professional Toolboxes

Spring 2015, Paperback, 256 p., 19 €, 978-2-36405-123-2, All rights available