Brand Success 50 exceptional marketing and communication success stories…












Brand Success

50 exceptional marketing and communication success stories…

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Preface: Maurice Lévy, founder of Publicis Group



Every professional working in the fields of advertising, marketing and communications should possess certain references, and should be familiar with the main institutions, brands and certain exemplary case studies. Performance, pertinence and creativity are restricted if we only limit ourselves to knowledge of the present, if we don’t explore the successes of the past. This work offers everyone a passionate overview and analysis of certain highly important success stories. Within this book you will read about the reasons behind the successful communication of large corporations and brands today, and the keys behind creative processes. There is also a rich bibliography, and a list of sources and indispensable references as well as an address book of over 200 websites, blogs and newsletters which are « must-reads » for everyone interested in marketing and communication.



The author:

An alumnus of the Paris Institute of Political Studies (Sciences Po Paris), Marc Drillech was one of the main leaders of Publicis Group. He was also vice-President of the Association of Communications Consulting Agencies (AACC). Today he is the general director of IONIS Education Group, a private education leading group in France.



Autumn 2016

Paperback, 224 p., illustrated, 22 euros


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