Biotechnologies Promises of the living world














Promises of the living world

Preface: Érik Orsenna (French Academy)


Today, biotechnologies are moving beyond the domain of science to permeate all of society. Their transformative power has never been so great, and they are enabling us to move beyond the mere dictates of evolution.  They propose solutions to numerous challenges (medical, environmental, agricultural, etc.), by offering up new possibilities: the ability to understand, to foresee, to transform and to create. This incommensurate new power is a formidable toolbox for innovation. But just to which point will it be possible to go?

This book is meant to create a panorama of biotechnologies, thanks to the contributions of many working directly in the life sciences. It proposes a critical analysis of the numerous issues and challenges facing biotechnology today: cloning, genetic manipulation, GMO’s, pharmaceuticals, bioethics, predictive medicine, stem cells, bio-fuel…


« Giving power to life »

Under the direction of Vanessa Proux, President of Institut Sup’Biotech, holder of a PhD from University of Technology of Compiègne in enzyme engineering, microbiology and bioconversion.



Winter 2015-2016

Paperback, 256 p., 20 euros


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